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What parents say

Amelia, Mum from Leighton Buzzard, UK

* Child with Dual or Multiple Exceptionality

We requested Mariza's help as Mark has severe hearing sensitivity.  It was such a relief to find a professional that understood and valued my child's sensitivity and learning style. This meant that the sessions were an enjoyable experience.  There was a really comprehensive approach to ways of dealing with the sensitive hearing issue.  I loved the way Mariza adapted the sessions according to Mark's reactions. He is now much more confident about coping with his sensitive hearing, and also has learnt to be better at making his voice heard if things are not ok. The sessions have confirmed my suspicions that occupational therapists are actually the fairy godmothers of this world, and everyone should be assigned one at birth 🙂

Dawn, Mum from Milton Keynes, UK

Elaine had delayed reflexes and struggled with some activities due to sensory processing disorder.  The therapy she received addressed these difficulties.  I didn’t expect to see quite such a dramatic change in Elaine’s emotional responses to things. She is much more able to cope with change and things that she doesn’t enjoy.

Simon, teenager from Milton Keynes, UK

* Child with Dual or Multiple Exceptionality

The techniques you showed me were useful and easy to do, and were things I hadn't thought of before. You explained things well, and repeated things when I needed you to, and didn't get impatient. Your room was a good safe space to learn, and felt like a good open space. The best bit was the scooter board! Did the sessions help me? YES!

Marike, Mum from Hertfordshire, UK

* Child with Dual or Multiple Exceptionality

Liam has difficulties with sensory processing and also gross and fine motor skills.  His sessions with you has made an amazing difference to him. He has improved measurably in all areas of difficulty! I can sense that you are passionate about your work and about the children you work with. I trust your opinion and observations of Liam.  He has loved coming to you for his OT sessions. I am so grateful we found you!

Marina, Mum from Milton Keynes, UK

Mariza helped my son with who has sensory processing disorder.  She is kind, warm and thorough. Mariza is easy to work with and always explains everything in detail.

Hayley, Mum from Bedford, UK

* Child with Dual or Multiple Exceptionality

You are not only kind and caring, but always willing to give Toby encouragement, support and realistic goals.

Lynn, Mum from Aylesbury, UK

Charlie has problems with handwriting. Mariza's initial assessment and report on Charlie helped me understand his needs so much better. I had no idea about his muscle strength and reflex problems even though he'd seen other OTs and Paediatricians. All the exercises and concentration techniques have been really useful at home and school. Mariza has built a great relationship with Charlie. He still has a way to go but his writing is much more legible.

Alison, Mum from Olney, UK

I'm extremely happy with the service received. Foremost in this evaluation is the fact that my son was at ease and happy during each session and looked forward to the next session. He also enjoyed the exercises we were given to complete at home. The exercise ball has been a revelation! My son's handwriting has improved so much since working with you that he is now receiving commendations at school for good handwriting and he is taking such care to ensure that this continues. All in all, I can see that George's overall confidence in general has improved and that he is willing to try and try again now which is so good to see! Thank you!

Claire, Mum from Hertfordshire, UK

* Child with Dual or Multiple Exceptionality

Mike has high learning potential, but also needed help to deal with his sensory processing difficulties. Mariza provided a personalised programme that was effective and that we continue with at home.

We received a thoroughly professional, empathetic, supportive and intuitive service. As well as being highly qualified and experienced, Mariza has a gift for truly seeing and understanding a child and how to work with him/her, and with parents.

Sue - Mum from Milton Keynes, UK

Chloe had previously been diagnosed with sensory processing difficulties and low muscle tone, and we requested an OT assessment as we wanted an update.  From the assessment it was picked up that Chloe also needs some therapy with regards to her eye movement.  We also now have peace of mind that we are providing her with the correct support for her sensory integration and low muscle tone need.

Rachel - Mum from Milton Keynes

I am super proud of my boy! (for improvements in handwriting).  Also full of thanks for all your hard work.  It’s not exaggerating to say all the hard work has paid off and transformed his school work / life.  Thank you.

Grace - Mum from Northampton, UK

I’d like to say a massive thank you for all your support in helping Jack.  If it weren’t for your input I wouldn’t have a clue what was going on, especially as we keep hitting dead ends in the NHS.  It’s helped to shed light on his needs and hopefully this early intervention will pay off in the future as we gain more understanding around how SPD (sensory processing disorder) affects him.

Rebecca - Mum from Milton Keynes, UK

Catherine has Autism with developmental delay and sensory seeking behaviour, and Mariza has been working with her to improve her school readiness.  Mariza keeps very good contact with us and gives us full feedback after sessions.  She has also given specific individualised exercises tailored to Catherine’s level and needs

Laura, Mum from Milton Keynes, UK

William has complex needs. In addition to original therapy sessions, Mariza has given us tools to continue William's therapy. Mariza goes above and beyond for my family. Everything that happens for William is bespoke for him. The bond Mariza and William have - even with our youngest son, is special. The way Mariza supports us and how she helps us - I don't think she realises just how grateful we are to have found her and how special to us she is.

Nikki, Mum from Milton Keynes, UK

Charlie has sensory processing difficulties, and received OT treatment to allow him to concentrate in order to achieve the best he can academically at school. We have also learnt how to channel his energies into positive ones so he can feel in control of what his body needs at different times of the day. Mariza has been both amazing and supportive to not only Charlie but myself as well. We have both found her techniques personalised. Mariza has such an understanding of Charlie and it has been so refreshing for someone to understand him for who he is, and make positive steps forward. As a parent I have gained so much knowledge in how to manage areas Charlie has difficulty with, and I can continue to support him at home. Thank you.

Gemma, Mum from Milton Keynes, UK

Lewis's progress is clear to see. I couldn't be happier. Lewis has a great rapport with Mariza. I completely trust her opinion and advice. At every step Mariza has confidently answered any questions I have asked and I genuinely feel she has Lewis's best interests at heart. The tailored sessions and homework have all been set specifically for Lewis as key areas to learn/brush up on and have fully engaged him. I can see he has enjoyed learning and practising with Mariza at his own pace. I can't express how relieved I felt when we met Mariza and how grateful I am that we did. I could not have hoped to meet someone so kind, enthusiastic, understanding and motivating at such an unexpected time. Her support has made a huge change to both of our lives, possibly changing them both forever as we now know what we are facing and what steps to take in managing DCD (developmental coordination disorder). I would highly recommend Mariza to any parents, you will not regret it, she has a refreshing approach, extensive experience and is very dedicated to her work. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Rachel, Mum from Milton Keynes, UK

Ethan has gained a lot of confidence since meeting with Mariza as he is now able to write quicker and more legibly. He has enjoyed his sessions and has gained in strength too. He was relieved that there was a reason he was struggling and that made his "differences" in ability in comparison to his peer group easier to deal with. Mariza has been happy to adapt her sessions to Ethan's interests to get more buy in from him in the sessions. The assessment report was very thorough and the sessions have been all about helping in the areas identified.

Kerry, Mum from Leighton Buzzard, UK

Tom needed occupational therapy to address poor handwriting and concentrating at school, and the treatment he received addressed these needs. Mariza always put our needs as a family first and worked flexibly with us.

Sophia, Mum from Kings Langley, UK

Mariza taught Daniel ways to recognise and to deal with his behaviour so that he could start to control himself more.  She called his excitement his 'engine speed' which made it much easier for him to start to recognise that when over excited and unfocussed, his engine speed was too high, and he needed to do one of the things Mariza showed him to bring himself under control which is what his teachers wanted from him.  Mariza was always available to talk through the sessions she had with Daniel, and also to talk through what she was proposing to do next. It was very personal to Daniel, and he also gained confidence in himself having someone other than me to talk to about his behaviour and how he could improve.  Mariza always made Daniel feel very valued and she understood him as a person very well.  She cared about him, and it was very important to feel that.

Angela, Mum from Hemel Hempstead, UK

You managed to make the exercises fun so Kyle was more motivated to practice. His writing is now legible and he doesn't struggle as much with letter formation.

Claire, Mum from Redbourn, UK

Charlie has made progress with his handwriting but advice given to school to further support him has been invaluable to him continuing with his programme of support. I've had regular updates on Charlie's progress from Mariza, she has a good understanding of his needs and how best to support him further.

Julie O’Sullivan, Inclusion Co-ordinator, Brockswood Primary School, UK

Mariza has been working with our school for about a year now. Primarily, she has been working with children on a one-to-basis in order to improve their handwriting and core strength. She works alongside the class teachers and TAs, advising and modelling a number of methods. This allows the methods that she teaches to be transferred into the classroom ensuring maximum impact for the children. The results have been outstanding! We have also used her for staff training in our EYFS unit where we have been able to adapt the skills and methods she uses to whole class activities. The staff have been highly motivated to adopt these methods and the children love them. I would highly recommend using Mariza to support the development and improvement of handwriting for those children who require extra support, as well as developing a whole school approach to early fine and gross motor skills.

Sam, Mum from Chorleywood, UK

Mariza has helped Steven to implement coping strategies into his every day life, and also helped us as a family to understand how best to support him. Mariza is empathetic and has professional and personal warmth that we all responded to. Steven always looked forward to his sessions with Mariza, and we highly recommend her.

Jackie, Mum from Radlett, UK

I went to John's parents' evening this week and it was unbelievable. His behaviour has been great, his reading and writing are coming on really well, he's imaginative and full of interesting facts and he got pupil of the week! I want to hold my breath! I saw the deputy head and she said John's a changed boy. Long may it continue and thanks for all your hard work in helping him get there.

Olivia, Mum from Henley on Thames, UK

Thank you for all your help, support and care these last few years - what a long way Poppy has come. I wish you could have seen her at Sports Day as her coordination and core strength was just superb. She ran and did the long jump just like everyone else - and better than many. Her physical awareness / bi-lateral awareness is streets ahead of where it used to be. We have YOU to thank for all this (and her Teaching Assistant for continuing the programme in the classroom). The structured programme you pulled together for Poppy has been absolutely brilliant - huge progress strides forward yet in a fun way for Poppy. Thank you for all you have done.

Cath, Mum from St Albans, UK

Mariza worked with our daughter (aged 8) who has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia and suspected dyspraxic tendencies. At a really tough time in our daughter’s life, Mariza provided first rate professional assistance in helping her improve in her areas of weakness. The improvements in handwriting, co-ordination and organisation are more than we could have hoped for. She also built a strong bond with our daughter and was very caring towards her, which resulted in our daughter enjoying the therapy sessions even though they were, at times, for her tough.

Lisa, Mum from Northwood, UK

Mariza started working with our then 5 year old son in January 2013. Her warm, relaxed and friendly manner connected with him immediately and he looked forward to her visits throughout the year. In that time he made great strides in all the areas in which Mariza had treated him. We as a family are so grateful to Mariza for all that she has done and would recommend her to anyone needing OT for their children. She is a hidden gem!

Sarit Tresser, Founding OT, Timocco Ltd, UK

We contracted the services of Mariza Ferreira, OT and director of The OT Company, to raise awareness of our product and its benefits to therapists and users. During her time as clinical lead for Timocco UK, Mariza approached her work with a high level of professionalism, commitment and integrity. Part of Mariza's role was to represent Timocco UK at various national independent living and educational exhibitions. I accompanied her on one of these shows and was impressed by the way she was able to reach out to disabled people and their families, be sensitive to their feelings and needs, and actively engage them in using our product successfully despite at times having profound physical impairment. Mariza's insight into the therapeutic arena in the UK has assisted us greatly in marketing our product, and I am pleased that Timocco is starting to make significant inroads into the way paediatric occupational therapy is being provided. I have enjoyed working with Mariza and would recommend her services to clinical establishments or individual clients.

Jo, Mum from Buckingham, UK

We have been very impressed with Mariza’s passion and determination to help our son. His core strength has improved massively with positive comments made by swimming and golf coaches. His handwriting quality has improved and more importantly the speed of getting pencil to paper as well as his concentration being so much better. Thank you so much!

What OT supervisees say

H.A, OT considering venturing into private practice

Mariza was very honest regarding her own journey into private practice, giving valuable advice about what worked well and what she would recommend to be done differently. I appreciated her honesty and the time she took in answering the whole list of questions I had for her. This helped to clarify more things in my mind, re-assured me about some decisions I already made and highlighted some areas I have not considered yet in my journey to consider going into private practice.

J.K, the OT Supervisee who summed up what supervision should be all about

I wanted to make sure you know just how much it has meant to me, to have you as my supervisor. After we started working together, I realised in retrospect just how demotivated and disinterested I had previously become. I had been feeling unsupported and uninspired, and my confidence in my abilities was low. Your strong support, warm and positive nature, and above all your outstanding OT skills and experience, have had a huge impact on my approach to work – THANK YOU!!

D. Bovington, Independent OT & holistic therapist

As a sole trader I require the support of a qualified OT for both clinical and business support. The sessions with Mariza are really helping me to focus both clinically and on where my business is going.


Lauren B, OT working in the retail sector

I chose Mariza as my supervisor to ensure that I have support within my OT role, and that clients receive best practice. The sessions are supportive, Mariza ensures that I am able to discuss relevant issues and is able to help me find solutions.  She always ensures that follow up information is given in a timely manner. I am very happy the service I receive from her.

MC, newly qualified paediatric OT working in a special school

Many thanks for all your help, guidance and support over the past six months!  It has been a pleasure getting to know you and learning so much from you.  Looking forward to what the next term will bring!