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Supervision, Mentoring & Coaching

Are you an Occupational Therapist starting out in Independent Practice?  Do you want to build your business?  Do you work in the field of paediatrics without access to clinical supervision and support?   Well, then I am here to support you to navigate your way as I understand your business and clinical needs.

Having extensive experience of previously managing a team of supervisors providing a  nationwide supervision, mentoring and coaching service to therapists from all fields of practice, I now focus specifically on directly supporting therapists in the above areas.

I value working with Occupational Therapists to provide professional support in a relaxed, friendly and confidential environment. I will encourage you to stretch your horizons in  building your business; and give you the opportunity to reflect on your practice, share ideas and get advice to develop your skills and knowledge in order to provide a safe, high-quality service to the families you work with.  I want to help you be the best at what you do, as I believe that by supporting each other we are strengthening our profession as a whole.

I am flexible in my approach and provide a tailored service according to your requirements, whether they be regular weekly or monthly sessions, an occasional focussed session such as an assessment or report review, or a once off session to explore questions related to your career journey.  We can either meet in person if feasible, speak on the telephone, or meet online via Zoom.  I will also provide you with the necessary paperwork to enable you to easily evidence your supervision and mentoring sessions in your Continuous Professional Development folder.

If you are interested in discussing how I can support you in more detail, then please do give me a call today for a free informal discussion.


“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together”

African proverb

What OT supervisees say

H.A, OT considering venturing into private practice

Mariza was very honest regarding her own journey into private practice, giving valuable advice about what worked well and what she would recommend to be done differently. I appreciated her honesty and the time she took in answering the whole list of questions I had for her. This helped to clarify more things in my mind, re-assured me about some decisions I already made and highlighted some areas I have not considered yet in my journey to consider going into private practice.

J.K, the OT Supervisee who summed up what supervision should be all about

I wanted to make sure you know just how much it has meant to me, to have you as my supervisor. After we started working together, I realised in retrospect just how demotivated and disinterested I had previously become. I had been feeling unsupported and uninspired, and my confidence in my abilities was low. Your strong support, warm and positive nature, and above all your outstanding OT skills and experience, have had a huge impact on my approach to work – THANK YOU!!

D. Bovington, Independent OT & holistic therapist

As a sole trader I require the support of a qualified OT for both clinical and business support. The sessions with Mariza are really helping me to focus both clinically and on where my business is going.


Lauren B, OT working in the retail sector

I chose Mariza as my supervisor to ensure that I have support within my OT role, and that clients receive best practice. The sessions are supportive, Mariza ensures that I am able to discuss relevant issues and is able to help me find solutions.  She always ensures that follow up information is given in a timely manner. I am very happy the service I receive from her.

MC, newly qualified paediatric OT working in a special school

Many thanks for all your help, guidance and support over the past six months!  It has been a pleasure getting to know you and learning so much from you.  Looking forward to what the next term will bring!