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Completing an occupational therapy assessment is the first step in the process to helping your child.  This will allow me to identify the underlying sensory and motor causes for the difficulties your child is having, and to plan a bespoke therapy program for him.



I am in the business of empowering others, especially if you are a parent or work with children. I have seen first hand how the sharing of knowledge, experience and ideas, and how learning from each other, has had a positive and far reaching effect.  I offer courses on a range of topics, and ensure that my courses are further tailored to the needs of the various groups I train.


Are you an Occupational Therapist starting out in independent practice?  Do you want to build your business?  Do you work in the field of paediatrics without access to clinical supervision and support?   Well, then I am here to help you navigate your way as I understand your business and clinical needs.


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