Can it be that we are almost at the end of another school year?  As a children’s Occupational Therapist I definitely welcome the calmer (well in theory!) summer break that is just ahead.  I’m sure that a lot of parents are looking forward to not having the stress of the school run. But I also know that there are a lot of parents who dread the difficulties which NOT having the school routine, will bring for their kids. Especially those who have sensory processing and/or organisational difficulties.

I am a big advocate of empowering both children and their parents to be able to deal with these difficulties and to overcome it together – especially as I’m aware of school holidays when their wider support networks are not available. 

In my direct work with kids and their parents, I have always considered my role as informative, supportive and transformational in giving them the tools to cope. I have great work satisfaction when they DON’T need me anymore…

But I have always had this nagging feeling that I can help more families.  Even though I have been able to do this through providing training in person to schools, parents and other organisations working with children, I am so excited to share with you that I am taking it to the next level, which is (* drum roll*) that I am… 

NEARLY READY to launch a FREE online training course that will take you LESS than an hour to complete and at your OWN PACE.  I’ve entitled it:

“How to help your high learning potential child cope with noise – a surprisingly easy strategy to empower parents to support their children who get anxious and refuse to go out when its noisy”. 

I have worked very hard to produce this… well the course content part was easy but sorting out the technical side has been a massive learning curve. I almost gave up… but I’ve persisted and we are almost there folks!

I believe that this course will really help you.  And even if you do not consider your child to have ‘high learning potential’ or be ‘gifted’, you will still benefit from this course if your child struggles with auditory oversensitivity.

So watch out for the launch… and join me in changing the world one child at a time!  And in this case, that child is YOURS!