Welcome to my new website! Welcome to my new company logo! If you have visited this site previously, you will no doubt agree that everything looks different than before. However, regardless of whether you are an ‘old’ or ‘new’ visitor, I hope that you will find the site refreshing and easy to navigate round.

In the last year I spent some time reflecting on my professional journey and where I wanted it to progress. The answer was quite simple: I wanted to help as many children as I can by not just working with them directly, but also helping those people that support them. In order for me to do this more effectively, I took the difficult decision to close down the nationwide clinical supervision service for occupational therapists that I had been running alongside my children’s therapy practice for the last six years.

This simplifying has resulted in increased focus, and I am now able to commit all my work time to working with children directly, providing training to schools, parents and organisations, and still supervising some colleagues in my own capacity. I am also able to raise awareness of the benefit of occupational therapy for children with Dual or Multiple Exceptionality, an issue close to my heart, more actively.

In some ways this is a new beginning for me as therapist, and rebranding a natural decision to reflect this. But what has stayed the same throughout, is my passion and commitment to help kids have the best possible start in life, and reach their full potential!

Here’s to new beginnings!